Types of Coaching

 I enjoy working with a variety of individuals, however, I particularly love working with clients in the following areas.


Transitional Life Coaching

Going through life's transitional phases can be a very scary time. Sometimes we choose these transitions and sometimes they are forced upon us. Either way it can be helpful to have a coach come along side you and help you successfully step into the next phase of your journey.


Happiness and Fulfillment Coaching

Positive psychology is now more than just a buzz-word. Universities now offer degrees in positive psychology and the study of happiness. If you don't really know what's missing from your life, but feel a general sense of dissatisfaction, hiring a happiness coach can help you uncover the joy and fulfillment you desire.

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Group Coaching/Classes

Most things in life are better when they are experienced together. Whether you are wanting to get together with friends for a visioning night, collaborate as a family to create a more peaceful home atmosphere, or come together as a team to set up a new structure or environment, hiring a coach can help your group reach their goals much faster.