Give yourself a break



Today's Challenge - Give yourself a break! 


I don't know about you, but if you're anything like me sometimes you aren't perfect! Sometimes you're human. Last week was one of those dreaded weeks for me. I was less than my best, and I let some negative experiences with one of my kids get the best of me.

In the past I would have wallowed in my self-condemnation for several days wondering what my problem is, or why I can't seem to stop moments like these from occurring in the first place, but part of living YOUR BEST LIFE is LOVING YOURSELF through those ugly moments. I wallowed in it for about a day, but my rebound was much quicker than normal.

I think we all have little things we need to give ourselves a break on sometimes. Maybe you ate the cookie even though you told yourself you wouldn't. Maybe you were trying to be more present with your kids, but you were too tired at the end of the day. Maybe you told yourself you were going to workout today, but then got distracted by other pressing issues (or maybe you just didn't feel like it). That's ok... Life goes on. I

t's important though to stop the negative self-talk that usually comes along side those moments - thoughts like, "I never follow through," or "I'm always going to be fat," or "Why bother? I knew I wouldn't get it done." All these thoughts say to our subconscious mind is, "I'm not good enough."  But, I'm here today to tell you, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! By simply striving, by walking the path, no matter how imperfect it may sometimes seem, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! 

So today, cut yourself a little slack. Be ok with all your imperfect moments. Forgive yourself if you veered slightly off your path. Try again tomorrow, but LOVE YOURSELF TODAY!