Read to grow



Today's Challenge - Read to grow

read to grow

Did you know that since 1978 the average number of non-book-readers has more than tripled? What's even more staggering is that number is across all mediums including audio books. With the rise of the internet and "reality television" people are reading less than ever before. 

The problem is that reading is so crucial for our growth. Whether you listen to an audio book, read informative articles, or read from a kindle or tablet, there are so many wonderful ways to enjoy learning and growing. 

My challenge to you today is to start reading. If you can, find yourself a book and spend 15-30 minutes recharging your batteries while enjoying a little reading time. If you don't want to make that kind of commitment, look for some interesting articles that you could read. 

If you have never read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho I highly recommend it! It is super easy to ready, and a great story with so many wonderful lessons.