Do something nice for the one you love



Today's Challenge - Do something nice for the one/ones you love. 


If you're in a romantic relationship it can be so easy to forget to show love and appreciation for your significant other. You get caught up in the busyness and stress of life, and without even realizing it, sometimes start taking the relationship for granted just a little bit. 

Tony Robbins has a quote I absolutely love about marriage. He say, "If you do what you did in the beginning of a relationship, the relationship will never end." 

So simple, yet so true. If we give the same way we did when we met our spouse and felt so in love and happy, we'll continue to feel those same feelings - we'll be in love and happy. 

So today, if you have a significant other, shower them with a little extra love. Do something unexpected. If you don't have a significant other, choose someone else you love. It could be a parent, a child, a friend, whoever you think could use a little extra love and happiness. 

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