We understand that sometimes life gets crazy busy and exercise isn't always our top priority. Today is a reminder to take care of your amazing body and to GET UP AND GET ACTIVE.


Today’s challenge is to get ACTIVE. Go for a run, hike, walk, cycle, or even go to that yoga class you have been wanting to try. Whatever it is get OUT, get your blood pumping and that oxygen flowing into your lungs.

We recommend doing it first thing in the morning. When we sleep we use our glycogen stores so when we wake up we are in a fasted state. We want to try to do cardio or activity first thing in the morning to start burning that fat and kick start that metabolism.

I noticed once I started getting my exercise in earlier in the day, I felt less stress and more mentally and physically healthy! It is important to try to and elevate your heart rates for a sustained period of time - for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week!

Today get out of your comfort zone and get ACTIVE while living YOUR BEST LIFE DAILY!

Janessa Mast