Today's Challenge - Connect

Who do you need to connect with today? Next to food and shelter, our need to connect with one another is one of the most important human needs we can fulfill. We're literally hard wired to crave and desire connection with others. 

According to an article on Psychology Today social connections increase longevity, strengthen our immune systems and lower anxiety and depression. 

With the technology we have today - the ability to connect through social media - you'd think we'd be more connected than ever, but unfortunately, science is now showing quite the opposite. While we are connected to a greater number of people through social media, the connections aren't as deep or meaningful. 

Think about it for yourself. How many of your "friends" on social media do you feel really close and connected to? How many would you trust and feel able to share your most intimate problems and secrets with? How many of them would be there for you in a bind? How many of them would really get excited and celebrate your greatest accomplishments and wins? 

Connection is truly about quality and not quantity. Social media is great in many ways, but deep, meaningful connection is better left to personally connecting with the people we care about. 

Last night I got together with 3 girlfriends and we went on a run together. We'd been wanting to get together anyway, so it was the perfect way to connect while also taking care of our health. I had a ton of other things to get done, but I'm so glad I forced myself to take the time to really enjoy and connect with my friends. I always feel a sense of renewal and support when I do. 

So, today pick up the phone and call that person you've been wanting to connect with. Take the time to have a real conversation, or go take some flowers to a friend just because. I'd love for you to share what you are going to do to connect with the people who are important to you! 

Until next time, keep living YOUR BEST LIFE DAILY!