Today's Challenge - Take a Cold Shower

Why on Earth would we encourage you to do such a thing? Well, as crazy as it may be, finishing your shower with a cold shot has MANY HEALTH BENEFITS. 

Personally, I started doing this about 2 months ago, and the results are amazing! Science has shown that taking a cold shower increases alertness (shocking I know), but did you also know that cold showers increase happiness hormones, circulation, and immunity. Cold showers also increase your body's ability to burn fat, and create more beautiful hair and skin. THERE ARE SO MANY AMAZING BENEFITS. 

If you want more science... check out this great article that dives deep into the science behind it. Either way, this is one of those LIFE-HACKS you just HAVE TO TRY! 

Today, when you take your shower turn the water as cold as it will go for the last 60 seconds. Breathe through the shock, and prepare yourself for some seriously great results. My recommendation is to try to do this consistently for a month. You'll find your body will start craving it and you'll actually start to look forward to your cold shower!