Today's Challenge - Meditate

Meditation is one of the easiest ways to start creating our BEST LIFE DAILY. While it can seem daunting to begin the practice, the benefits are AMAZING! 

I started meditating fairly regularly about 5 months ago, and I've found myself having better clarity and vision for my life, as well as feeling an overwhelming sense of peace throughout the day. On the days I don't remember my practice I definitely feel it!

So, how do you get started if you aren't a buddhist monk? My advice is aim small, and start with a guided meditation. The first time I meditated I only lasted for 5 minutes. Now I can easily meditate for 30. 

There are tons of great free guided meditations on youtube. Here are some of my favorites: 

6 Phase Guided Meditation by Vishen Lakhianiv 

Guided Morning Meditation (10 minutes to kick start your day) 

GUIDED MEDITATION for Healing, Energy & Enlightenment

There are also some great apps that teach you how to meditate. One of my favorites is Headspace. They offer a free 10 day trial with 10 minutes sessions each day that build upon one another. 

Or if you just want an easy cheat sheet with some simple breathing techniques you can try for a mid-day pick me up, I've created a beautiful guide that highlights 5 breathing exercises

Today, try meditating using one of these guided meditation, or any method you wish. Get centered in the present and feel the amazing benefits of being completely immersed in the moment. 

As always, please share your experience with us using #yourbestlifedaily or #takeactiontoday, #tat for short. 



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