Turn a Negative into a Positive


Today's Challenge - Turn a negative into a positive

Sometimes in life bad things happen. We all experience pain on some level. We experience loss, heartbreak, sorrow. 

But what if those painful moments are also the moments we discover our potential? What if our struggle is actually the best thing that happens to us? 

For today's challenge write down the most painful event you've experienced thus far in your life. Then, write down three positive things that event has taught you.

Life is all about how we look at our experiences - not the experiences themselves. So, give the experiences in your life a meaning that EMPOWERS you. 

For example: My dad's death is still one of the hardest things I've had to go through. It was hard for so many reasons, but I've found that my greatest strength has come from going through that experience. I've been able to start a non-profit and give to a family in need. I've helped my husband through the death of his mother. I've grown in empathy and compassion. And I live each day with more appreciation for my family and friends. 

Life isn't perfect. There will be pain. There will be heartache. By learning to reframe those experiences though, we can still create a happy and positive life.  

No matter how much it hurts, someday you will look back and realize that your struggles changed your life for the better.
— Unknown
Jocelyn KuhnComment