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Today's Challenge - Clean out 30 items of clutter

We often times don't realize what a huge impact EXCESS and CLUTTER plays in our happiness. Did you know that the average American ends up spending one year of their life looking for lost items (US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT)?

Even more staggering... just getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40% of household chores(NATIONAL SOAP AND DETERGENT ASSOCIATION)! 

Storage facilities are a multi-billion dollar industry, but we American's have been conditioned to believe we need more, more, more. We keep building our pile of stuff, and it feels productive and successful. 

Unfortunately, at certain point our stuff becomes "clutter". Items that are of value, but not necessarily valuable to us. When we don't take the time to get clear about what we want in our lives, or rid our lives of the things that no longer serve us, the result is overwhelm, depression and chaos.    

So today, start small. Just clear out 30 things in your life that are no longer serving you. You could choose physical items in your home, files that need to be deleted, emails that you've been meaning to sift through, a closet you want to clean out, bills that are no longer current - whatever 30 items you want. 

If you feel compelled to - try to do this daily for 30 days. You'll end up getting rid of 900 items that you no longer want or no longer serve you, and you'll probably find peace of mind, calm, and happiness in the process. 

As always share your success with #TAT on social media. 

Jocelyn Kuhn