A Fresh Coat of Paint


This week I'm redoing my kids bedrooms to get them ready to go back to school. We've got some big stuff going on in our household. The boys are getting their own rooms after 11 years of being attached at the hip, and I am one happy mama!!! 

In preparation we've been cleaning out the junk and even decided that both rooms needed a fresh coat of paint. Ah... is there anything better? I love walking into a freshly painted room. It just looks and feels amazing. 

This got me thinking this morning as I rode away on my bike, sometimes we need to give ourself a fresh coat of paint. No not literally, but sometimes we need to redo our routine... give ourself a complete overhaul. 

Sometimes we get stuck in the rut of everyday life, and we need to do something to freshen up our game plan. Maybe you need to create a new morning routine or maybe you need a pause midday for some meditation. Maybe you need to overhaul your entire game plan. 

I recently decided my fresh coat of paint was revamping the way I look at health and fitness. Instead of an all or nothing approach like I sometimes tend to have I decided to focus on the little things and try to do those things more often. I've committed to riding my bike every weekday morning, running 3 times per week and this week I'm adding weights back into the mix. I'm giving myself that same feeling I get when I walk into that freshly painted room - the feeling of satisfaction. 

What's your fresh coat of paint going to be?