Progress = Happiness


Have you ever felt like you're a hamster running on one of those wheels? You keep running and running, but no matter how hard or fast you go, you always end up in the same place? I've been there in my life many more times than I would care to admit.

We live in such a fast paced, instant gratification society that it's easy to feel like a hamster, constantly spinning, but never really getting anywhere. Then we compare ourselves to the falsities of peoples "real lives" with reality tv shows and social media.

But what if those days of just "spinning" really are adding up to something beautiful and magnificent? What if those seemingly meaningless days are the days that our greatness is born from? What if we just don't see it because we are too busy judging ourselves for not achieving our potential fast enough, or in a grand enough way? 

The one thing I know for sure in my life is that "Progress equals happiness." I remember hearing Tony Robbins talk about this several years ago, and I try to live life with this in mind. Whenever I steer off course, have a lazy day or feel like I didn't do anything to push toward my goals I feel disappointed in myself. Unfortunately, when too many days like that run together - well, that's my definition of depression. 

The good thing for us is that even without thinking about it, we will never be like the hamster spinning on the wheel. We choose daily what's important to us, and then we either move closer to or further away from those things. Each day we wake up we age just a little. We PROGRESS through the journey of life. Whether we like it or not, each day above ground is another opportunity to proactively transition from birth through so many different stages of life, ultimately back to the place from which we came. 

The only question that remains then is this - WHAT ARE YOU PROGRESSING TOWARDS TODAY? When you think about your day, are the actions you are taking pulling you closer or further away from the life you want to live?