The wonderful world of podcasts


The other day I started my day, much like I normally do… Meditation, gratitude, reading and working on my new business. I was excited for another episode of The School of Greatness, a podcast by Lewis Howes in which he interviews world influencers and brings thought provoking ideas and information to his listeners. 


I usually listen to his podcast while driving - much to my children’s dismay - and while doing things around the house that I find incredibly boring, i.e. laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. 


I always find the stories shared inspirational and thought provoking to say the least, but every once in awhile, he or one of his guests drops a serious bomb - one of those ‘Aha’ moments that makes something that seemed so complex seem so simple. 


That day was one of those days! Lewis Howes interviewed Mo Gawdat, author of Solve for Happy, Chief Business Operator for Google [X] and someone who knows a thing or two about pain (he lost his son in 2014). 


If you aren’t yet subscribed to The School of Greatness Podcast, I HIGHLY recommend subscribing, or at the very least - listening to this episode! 


I’ll just share one quick little revelation - I’m still just soaking in all the truth that was shared in this episode. At one point during the podcast Mo and Lewis were talking about the ever evolving question of WHAT REALLY MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY? 


Mo ended up sharing such a profound yet simple equation for happiness that it blew my mind! He said, “When our expectations match our reality we are happy. When they don’t, we aren’t.” 


WHAAAT! Seriously, it’s that simple? I was floored by the simple statement that seemed to fully explain the equation for happiness! 

When our expectations match our reality, we are happy. When they don’t, we are not.
— Mo Gawdat


So really the to become happier the equation is this simple: Happiness = Expectations +/- Reality. Do you know what this means? The only two factors that then play into happiness are expectations and reality! 


Unfortunately, there will always be many things in our reality that we cannot control, so that leaves us with one variable that we can change to become more happy. 




I seriously can’t stress this enough - if you can spare an hour of your life - you’ve gotta listen to this episode! I promise you’ll be glad you did!